Institutional Digital Asset Trading

It’s an unprecedented opportunity.

Unlock institutional
investment flows

Institutional trading of digital assets will be transformational and open ground-breaking investment flows for select trading venues and market places.

Institutions require a market with greater liquidity, regulatory compliance, collateral safety and protection from hacking or venue default.

When digital assets meet traditional trading

The Ivno exchange network offers:

  • Dollar equivalent trading
  • An onramp to digital venues via USD-denominated collateral
  • The safe holding and management of collateral
  • Increased trading volumes
  • Improved liquidity
  • Reduced collateral movement fees
  • Regulation in the UK (expected 2019)

Institutions don’t trade digital assets freely.

But the intention is there. Work together to to give institutional investors an institution-grade solution.

At Ivno, we anticipate regulated, institutional ready digital asset trading venues and are working to support that reality.

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