Highest rated collateral backed token
24/7, direct collateral transfer between legal entities will profoundly change balance sheet management, settlement and market structures 
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Universal - Cash and Cash Equivalent* & HQLA Level 1**

Daily liquidity in underlying collateral

Third party custodian and auditing of collateral

Available to non-retail only

Security and privacy by design

Clear and predictable value

Universal Settlement and Balance Sheet Management tokens

> Tokens of sufficiently small denomination for peer-to-peer settlement, high grade enough for bank balance sheet optimisation
> Universal C&CE* & HQLA level 1** Ivno Collateral Tokens for instant transaction settlement in any Corda Application and for use in Ivno Instant Settlement CorDapp.

Ivno works with banks, exchanges, CCPs, buy sides institutions, brokers and corporates in transfer of value and legal enforceable title directly on-chain.

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DLT will have significant impact on financial market structures, creating new revenue opportunities, unlocking cost savings and end user innovation.

⇑ Increasing Liquidity and Transparency
⇓ Reducing Costs and Settlement Risks
Instant Collateral Movement

Instant Transaction Settlement

The Ivno Network

* independent advice should be sought on interpretation of cash and cash equivalent status under US GAAP
(FASB ASC paragraph 305-10-20), IFRS9 (IAS7) and UK GAAP (FRS102)
** independent advice should be sought on interpretation of Directive 2013/36 EU and Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013