The collateral backed digital token

Cash & Cash Equivalent*

Universal By Design

For Multiple Market Participants:
Banks, Exchanges, CCPs, Corporates
and other DLT Enterprises.

Ivno harnesses distributed ledger technology to deliver institutional cash equivalent* collateral on-chain.

Our solution will enable both instant collateral movement and instant and final transaction settlement of digital assets.

Digital Collateral Infrastructure:


Unlocking Digital Assets For Institutional Use By Enabling Settlement.

⇑ Increasing Liquidity and Transparency

⇓ Reducing Costs and Settlement Risks

Best in Class Financial

Designed for balance sheet use by large banks and financial institutions

Best in Class DLT Technology

Privacy by design, high transaction volume capable, settlement finality

The Ivno Network

The Collateral Backed Cash & Cash Equivalent* Digital Token

Target Cash and Cash Equivalent* & HQLA level 1#

Underlying collateral to offer daily liquidity

Third party custodian and auditing of collateral

Available to non-retail only

Security & privacy by design

Clear and predicable value

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The Ivno Network

Collateral Backed Token:

Cash & Cash Equivalent* on DLT


* independent advice should be sought on interpretation of cash and cash equivalent status under US GAAP (FASB ASC paragraph 305-10-20), IFRS9 (IAS7) and UK GAAP (FRS102)
# independent advice should be sought on interpretation of Directive 2013/36 EU and Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013

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