Digital Cash & Collateral Solution Designed
For Institutional Use

24/7 instant settlement, real-time payment solution and immediate collateral mobility

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Universal Settlement, Wholesale Payment Solution
and Balance Sheet Management

DLT peer-to-peer settlement with no introduction of counterparty exposure.

Universal C&CE* & HQLA level 1** digital collateral solution for instant settlement and collateral transfer.

Ivno works with banks, exchanges, clearing houses, asset managers, brokers and corporates to revolutionise settlement, payment and collateral mobility.

Ivno & R3 - Ivno's Global Corda Trial

Twenty-eight organisations including eighteen banks, three securities exchanges, and other large institutions participate in global digital collateral trial.

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Financial Markets and Benefits

DLT will have significant impact on financial market structure, creating new revenue opportunities, unlocking cost savings and end user innovation.

Increasing efficiency, liquidity and transparency

Reducing costs, risk and capital requirement